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With over seven years of experience grooming dogs, three of which have been here in Colorado Springs, dog grooming has developed into my passion. I focus on creating lasting relationships with both clients and pets. All dogs that enter my home will be treated like family. I pride myself on gaining trust before anything else. And of course, I’m always willing to answer questions about the way that I groom.


Here are a few of the rules I live by in my practice that I am proud of:​

• This is a cage-free environment. Your dog will not be groomed then left to sit in a cage for hours or until you pick up. 


• This business is low volume and personal. I only take one dog or one family of dogs at a time. I’ve found that having many dogs in the same place causes confusion and apprehension for all of them, so I do my best to avoid that.


• I do not use heated cage dryers. These are the dryers that have unfortunately caused many dogs to overheat and in some cases, die. 

• Positive reinforcement is what matters, here. I try to build a relationship with each dog so they know they can trust me to never hurt them. I don’t want any dog to hate coming here. 

• My main focus is not haircuts. There are a lot of misconceptions about dogs with long hair and the need for haircuts. Like the idea that short hair helps decrease shedding. This isn’t actually the case. I do my best to de-shed dogs while keeping their coat long and healthy.